Andrew Galeucia

Battalion Chief Andrew Galeucia is a dynamic professional whose passion for community service is prominently demonstrated through his dedicated involvement with the Atascocita Fire Department. While equipped with a robust background in business administration and computer science (Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from East Texas Baptist University in 2006, and holds an Associate’s Degree as well) his heart lies in firefighting and emergency services.


Since 2010, Andrew has been an unwavering volunteer with the Atascocita Fire Department, showcasing his commitment to community safety and public welfare. Starting as an honoree in the AVFD Cadet Class in 2010, Andrew's journey within the department is marked by consistent progression through the fire department ranks. Holding critical certifications, including a TCFP Commission and an EMT-B certification, he not only contributes operationally but has been instrumental in overseeing essential aspects such as the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) budget and programs, playing a pivotal role in the department's development.


Andrew's multifaceted role within the fire service is a testament to his unwavering dedication and his extensive experience and commitment to AFD exemplify his role as Battalion Chief.

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Mar 8, 2024
CRTF Meeting

Mar 18, 2024
MTG: HC ESD #46 Monthly Meeting - Auditorium

Apr 12, 2024
CRTF Meeting

Apr 15, 2024
MTG: HC ESD #46 Monthly Meeting - Auditorium

Live Run Log

Thu Feb, 29 2024 @ 21:38
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Atascocita

Thu Feb, 29 2024 @ 21:34
Nature: Fire Alarm
Address: 6519 Kings Glen Dr Atascocita, TX 77346

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