High Water Vehicle 29

After Hurricane Harvey the AFD decided to invest in a High Water Vehicle to be used in evacuations of residence in flood conditions. The is a refurbished military vehicle.

Chief - 901

Engine 19

E-One Pumper

Ambulance 463

Chevrolet 3500/Frazer Ambulance Module

Tower 19

E-One 100ft Tower

Ambulance 464

Chevrolet 3500/Frazer Ambulance Module

Utility 19

Chevy 3500 Pick up

Cascade 19

Cascade 19 is a breathing air unit that is mounted on a trailer.

Assistant Chief - Fire 903

Chevy Tahoe

Engine 29

E-One Pumper

Ambulance 465

Chevrolet 3500/Frazer Ambulance Module

Ambulance Bus - MPV 601

MPV 601 is the latest in disaster and multiple casualty incident management. MPV stands for Multiple Patient Vehicle. The 601 means that the bus is part of Texas' Emergency Medical Task Force (EMTF) Region #6, and it is the first bus of its kind (01). MPV-1 was the first such vehicle which was also housed by AVFD. MPV 601, is an asset of the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC). SETRAC is responsible for coordinating and assisting area emergency leaders in planning for disasters across our region. MPV 601 is equipped to handle medical and traumatic injuries for upto 20 patients laying down and dozens that are able to sit. The bus can be used for evacuations, multiple casualty incidents (plane crashes, large vehicle incidents)and for firefighter rehabilitation at large fires. For more information contact Sean Conley, Assistant Chief Of EMS at (281) 913-4809.

Disaster Support Trailer - Trailer-601

The Disaster Support Trailer used during large scale incidents locally, regionally and State wide. The trailer will accompany our Ambulance Bus (MPV-601). The trailer is designed to move arge amounts medical supplies, water, food and mass casualty incident (MCI) equipment to a scene. The trailer also features a work station, 10 KW generator, bunk beds, A/C, interior and exterior lighting, exterior power outlets and an awning. The Disaster Support Trailer was funded through a grant managed by the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council-Q.

Rehab 29

Ford F600

Engine 49

Pierce Dash - E49 carries 750 gallons of water and has seating for 7, it has a Husky Foam system with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) capability. E49 also carries a full complement of TNT extrication tools.

Assistant Chief - EMS Director 902

2016 Chevy Tahoe

Engine 39

E-One Pumper

Ambulance 461

Chevrolet 3500/Frazer Ambulance Module

Squad 39

Chevrolet 2500. Squad 39 is utilized by the EMS Captain to respond to emergencies and aid EMS crews and provide a command role for EMS. The Vehicle features a closed bed with an equipment pull out. LED Scene lights. In addition to first response equipment. The vehicle carries Mass Casualty Equipment for large scenes and has kits for setting up command posts and patient triage areas.

Brush 39

Custom built skid on a Dodge 5500 4x4 Cummins Turbo Diesel. Skid built by Turnkey Industries in Magnolia Texas, features 375 gallon water tank, 10 gallon foam tank, 100 foot hose reel, 2 pump and roll whip lines, and plumbed to the the front bumper load.

Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) 39

The UTV is utilized for off-road rescue and for various medical & fire events.

District Chief Vehicle (Duty Chief)

This vehicle is used by the department's District Chief's. It is utilized for both EMS and Fire Operations.

Ambulance 462

Chevrolet 3500/Frazer Ambulance Module

Division Chief EMS 908

Chevy Tahoe

American LaFrance - Engine 1

This is a Parade piece available for parties and such, Call 281-852-2181 for scheduling.

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