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AVFD Participates in Disaster Drill - Sugarland
Thursday, December 22, 2016

The AVFD participated in a disaster drill in Sugarland, TX.  AVFD responded with the AMBUS (MPV-601) and crew to assist Memorial Hermann Sugarland Hospital and Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC) with much needed training for disasters.

The drill scenario was similar to an actual disaster that occurred in France earlier this year, when a large truck drove through a large crowd of people.  This drill produced 180 patients that had been moulaged with various injuries and levels of acuity.  The AVFD crew and AMBUS were used to move dozens of patients to the hospital from the scene.  The AVFD crew also exercised there triage and asset management skills.

Regional disaster drills help AVFD, SETRAC, hospitals and other area agencies prepare for the worst.  Drills also provide an opportunity to network and interact with agencies from all over our region of Texas.

The AVFD AMBUS (MPV-601) is one of 13 in the State of Texas and 1 of 2 in the Houston Area.  AVFD is part of the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force - Region 6.

Written by: S.Conley

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